Our Policies

Ranelynn Graphics is devoted to making transformative pop-culture 2D art. Each image takes a significant amount of time to draw, color, and process. Due to this, custom orders are rarely available.

Ranelynn Graphics has a huge backlog and will only have small windows of availability for custom orders. To that end, orders are only available when the title below is set to ‘Accepting’. When this is available, a form will be available to fill out as a sub-link to the Custom Orders Policies page.


Below are the policies:

  • Ranelynn Graphics has the right to deny any custom order requests for any reason.
  • Ranelynn Graphics has the right to charge whatever is deemed a fair pricing for the custom order
  • Ranelynn Graphics has the right to determine how long the custom order will take to fulfill and this is subject to change.
  • Ranelynn Graphics has the right to change due dates of an order or cancel altogether with or without partial or full refund depending on the circumstances
  • Requests may NOT be accompanied by a bid or a quote from the customer. Any requests demanding a set price will not be taken.
  • All requests must adhere to copyright law.
  • Requests may NOT have a set deadline given. Anyone wishing a quick request or requesting a set deadline will not be taken.
  • Any changes requested after the initial intake will NOT be considered and NOT be rendered
  • All sales are final