Congratulations on your recent purchase from Ranelynn Graphics! Now let’s talk about how to maintain your product to keep it at its best for years to come.

Metal Print Care

These metal prints are printed on aluminum sheet metal. The following are good practices to maintain your metal print:

  • Keep wall prints out of direct sunlight to prevent sun damage and fading
  • Treat metal prints as you would a normal poster. They are printed at standard frame sizes to easily hang on the wall or stand alone on a table.
  • If you do plan on manipulating the metal in any way, shape, or form, you void all warranties and we will NOT be responsible for replacing any damaged or misshapen product.

Lenticular Care

Lenticulars are very unique in that when you tilt the image, the image morphs into another image. These prints are very delicate and must be taken care of very carefully. Follow these care instructions:

  • Be sure NOT TO BEND IT!!!! This may crack the lenticular and make it unusable
  • Keep it out of sunlight

Poster Care

Paper posters are very fragile and are prone to sun damage and tearing. Please be sure to take good care of all posters:

  • Do not bend or fold
  • Keep out of the sunlight
  • Do not damage for we will not replace any damaged items

Accessories Care

Various other accessories are also offered by Ranelynn Graphics. If you are lucky enough to be the new owner of one of these accessories, be sure to maintain your product well and take care of it. Basic instructions for most accessories are below:

  • Do not bend or break. We will not replace any broken or damaged items
  • Avoid sunlight exposure
  • Use for its intended purpose
  • Keep it away from damaging surfaces

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at: admin@ranelynngraphics.net